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We are a small,  TICA registered cattery located in Utah.  All of our cats are TICA registered, pedigreed Ragdolls, and our Cattery is HCMr, PKD1, MPS VIs, FeLV and FIV free. Our kittens are raised in a family environment with our children ages 6-17 years old, and our two little dogs where they receive all of the love and attention they could possibly want, and in return they are the most wonderful companions. If you are interested in Showing your Ragdoll with TICA, we do offer show quality kittens, but that is not our main focus. Our focus is on raising healthy, beautiful, sweet and loving tempered, fur babies to join your family!

We've been breeding Ragdolls for 10 years now. Before that, before I had children, I used to rescue cats. That meant; capture unclaimed/unwanted cats, tame them, vaccinate, deworm, and have them spayed or neutered, before finding them a forever home. I did that up until I had my first daughter, at which point I realized that having cats and kittens that were unpredictable in temperament was just to risky to have around young children. That’s when I researched and found the Ragdoll breed, an excellent breed of cat for people of all ages. We fell in love with the breed, and had our first two (fixed) Ragdolls for several years before we decided we would really enjoy breeding Ragdolls, for other people to love and cherish.

We feel that Ragdolls are the perfect breed of cat. They are laid-back, affectionate, social, and amazing with kids. Plus, Ragdoll cats are so incredibly beautiful, and we now offer just about every color and shade that they come in! Our Ragdolls have medium to long, bunny-soft fur which almost never mats, and is very easy to maintain.  

​We recommend adopting 2 Ragdoll kittens at once.  Especially if you have to be gone a lot during the day. Ragdolls are very social cats and will do much better with a companion, and best with a littermate or housemate (kitten born from a different litter, at around the same time).  We offer $50 off if you adopt 2 kittens at once! 












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