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Kitten Adoption Process:



  • We will occasionally hold back kittens that might benefit our breeding program, and have the right to first pick out of every litter, if we so choose. You are welcome to reserve a kitten on the Available Kittens page, or if you're looking for something that you don't see there, please contact us and we will let you know when what you're looking for might become available in a near future litter!


  • A $300 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve the kitten of your choosing. We accept Venmo, Zelle, Paypal, and also major credit, or debit cards (through Paypal or Venmo) for the deposit. The $300 deposit goes towards the total adoption fee. 


  • The remaining balance on a kitten must be paid in full by the kitten's age of 10 weeks old. For the remaining balance we accept Venmo or Zelle. If you will be picking up your kitten in-person (you live locally, or are meeting us at the SLC airport), then you can pay the remaining balance in cash when you pick them up.  We do not accept checks.


  • For local delivery: we are located in northern Utah, near Logan, and can meet you in Logan, or we can arrange to have our kitty courier meet you in Brigham City, Layton, or Salt Lake City (including the airport, if you are flying here to pick up), also in Pocatello Idaho, Idaho Falls, etc. Our kitty courier charges a rate of $50/hr for fuel and time.


  • Kittens will sometimes be altered before leaving, which typically takes place around 10 weeks old. If they are to be fixed before leaving , they will be ready to go 1-2 weeks after the surgery, after they have recovered.  To read about an early spay/neuter study done on 31 kittens CLICK HERE .


  • ​​Microchips can be given at the time of spay/neuter for an additional $75.00, as long as we schedule it early enough in advance.


  • Our kittens are ready to go to their new homes between 12 and 16 weeks of age, depending on their readiness to leave, and whether they are fixed before going.


  • Before a kitten leaves our home, there is a health guarantee, and contract that must be filled out completely and signed by both parties  (Buyer and Seller) before the kitten can go home with you, CLICK HERE to read through our contract. 


  • We are a closed Cattery. For the health of our fur family, because we do not want bacteria or other diseases brought into our home, visitors are no longer allowed.  In addition, breeding Ragdolls is an adored hobby for us but our hectic schedule (and 4 children) does not allow us much time for visits.  We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, via text, email, or phone calls.  We will also send pictures of any kitten that you are interested in. Please understand the need to respect the safety of our kitties.

  • Our kittens come with a 1 year congenital health guarantee against HCMr, PKD1, MPS VIs, FeLV and FIV.  
  • All of our cats are HCMr, PKD1, and MPS VIs  negative either through testing by UC Davis VGL or by parentage, and are also free of FeLV and FIV.


  • All of our kittens will have their age-appropriate vaccines; typically 2 rounds of Vanguard Feline RCP+Ch (formerly known as Felocell 4 FVRCP), purchased through Revival Animal Health, and administered by us, personally. You will receive proof of vaccinations by the sticker that comes on the vaccination bottle which will be placed on the kittens Health Record. Their health record will go with them to their new home. Alternatively, if you’d prefer, we can have our vet give your kitten their vaccines for an additional fee, as long as they have not yet received vaccinations. The extra price for this is:
  • $70 (office visit + FVRCP vaccine) for the 1st round - at between 8-9 weeks old. 
  • $70 (office visit + FVRCP vaccine) for the 2nd round - at between 11-12 weeks old.
  • $60 (office visit + Rabies vaccine) the Rabies vaccine can be offered as young as 12 weeks old, if you choose. We personally have seen less reactions when given at an older age. Please do your research, and ask your vet what they suggest. :)



  • All of our purebred Ragdoll kittens are registered through The International Cat Association (TICA), unless otherwise stated.


  • Ragdoll cats are indoor cats only. Because of their trusting nature they do not know how to protect themselves against predators like other breeds of cats do. This demeanor makes them ideal indoor companions but they should not be allowed to roam around outdoors without a harness/leash and their human watching over them. I personally keep all of my Ragdolls strictly indoors.


  • In adopting a cat or kitten from us you agree to never declaw your cat or kitten, and you agree to keep them safe indoors.

​  All sales are final. And there are no cash or credit refunds - no exceptions. 

PLEASE NOTE: I will sometimes send you a video or post photos of your kitten on our website so you can have the pleasure of watching it as it grows. Photos are updated whenever I can find the time to do so. Although you are welcome to ask when a new photo might be posted, please understand that this is a time consuming (as kittens do not enjoy holding still for their pictures to be taken) courtesy, not a requirement.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​=^._.^=  =^._.^=  =^._.^=  =^._.^=  =^._.^=

  Kitten prices range from $1800 to $2500 or pets, depending on color, markings, conformation, and pedigree. 

​​​Deposits are non-refundable

​​​=^._.^=  =^._.^=  =^._.^=  =^._.^=  =^._.^=

Copyright © Remarkable Ragdolls

​​​Price includes

  • Your fluffy, bundle of love!  =​^._.^=​​
  • Their TICA  registration (unless stated otherwise)
  • Most kittens will be fixed before leaving here
  • Age appropriate FVRCP vaccines (typically 2 rounds)
  • 1 yr Congenital Health guarantee
  • ​Vet wellness exam
  • Their Health Record
  • Dewormer (min. 3 rounds)
  • A kitten starter basket: food, toys, a cardboard scratcher, a blanket or bed mat, etc.



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